Gallery Reception – Laura Seligman : Encaustic Works

Reception: September 26, 5-7 Exhibition Showing: September 4 – October 13 Artist: Laura Seligman, Encaustic Artist Statement: I am interested in the interface between contemplative and creative practices. The process of inquiry about perception and imagination guides my exploration with a variety of materials. A willingness to take risks, to not know what will emerge, and to welcome failure unequivocally invites freedom to experiment and play. Direct experience while making is its own fulfillment. My aspiration is to invite others …

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Gallery Reception – Emerge/Re-emerge Art from Hannan House, Detroit

Reception: August 8, 5-7 pm Exhibition Showing: August 1 – August 30 Artist: Hannan House, All Media Artist Statement: TBA Art exhibits are available for viewing Monday – Friday, 10 am to 5 pm; during public concerts, and by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, call 734-769-2999.

Gallery Reception – David Hile Drawings: Nature, Emotion, Symbol

Reception: June 13, 5-7 pm Exhibition Showing: June 11-July 30 Artist: David Hile, Graphite, Pastel & Charcoal Artist Statement: Picasso said, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” Perhaps because of my background as an illustrator — where I did a lot of detailed realistic rendering — I’ve taken a stripped-down approach to my current work. Using graphite, charcoal, and pastel, I’ve developed a mostly linear style. Though simple, I aim to develop fully realized works that are universally appealing, …

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My Present Moment – Paloma Núñez-Regueiro – Art Reception

May 11 – 4:00 pm – 6:00 Exhibition Showing: May 1 through June 11 Artist: Paloma Núñez-Regueiro, Printmaker Artist Statement:  For a long time my works were about migration, seeds, planting, growing, and movement. It was a time of movement. In these turbulent times there is a need for stillness. In stillness we find peace. In that peace we are able to go inward to contemplate the universe, a universe in which we are just light, love, and compassion. My work …

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Gallery Reception – Abstract Dancing In Color – Thomas Rosenbaum

Artist: Thomas Rosenbaum  Exhibit Showing 3/20-4/29 Thomas Rosenbaum is an Ann Arbor artist who works in a number of mediums and period styles.  He is exhibited locally and nationally in various venues. This is his second one person exhibit at KCH. He is self-taught and has participated in numerous workshops.  Thomas is a member of the Ann Arbor Women’s  Artists Association, the Scarab Club, The Arts Alliance, The Ann Arbor Arts Center and the Alliance for the Arts in Ft. Myers, Fl.  …

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Gallery Reception- Snow Drift

Exhibition Showing:February 14 through March 18 Artist: Wendy M. Bauer, acrylics Art exhibits are available for viewing Monday – Friday, 10 am to 5 pm; during public concerts, and by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, call 734-769-2999.

Gallery Reception- Winter Meditation

Exhibition Showing: January 8 through February 13 Artists: Ann Ringia, photography Fred Ringia, photography Kirsten Lund, multi-media Artist Statement Kirsten Lund  This work reflects my love of textiles and my interest the human urge to worship, create, play, and adorn. The ambiguous iconic shapes in the work can appear either ancient or modern, biomorphic or manmade, with a common denominator of symmetry. The influence of Indian culture can be seen in the motifs, colors, and methods I use. Tantric art with …

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Gallery Reception-Michigan: On The Wing

Exhibition Showing: December 5 through January 6 Artist: Astrid Monique Fortier Muller-Karger Statement: In the arts, birds are often decorative — portrayed as mystical, mythological, and anthropomorphised — and considered only in relation to people. Astrid Monique Padilla’s drawings and paintings begin her investigation into the wonder of local birds as autonomous beings, neighbors and travelers, worthy of respect and consideration in their own right. In honor of 2018 as “The Year of the Bird,” this work was created to inspire …

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