Kerrytown Concert House is proud to provide an affordable event space for members of our community and for community organizations and businesses.  The House is a flexible and inviting venue for public and private events such as recitals, performances, receptions, weddings, business meetings, and parties. The Concert House has a beautiful model “C” Hamburg Steinway grand piano and seats 110 audience members. We also have the flexibility to replace chairs with tables and chairs, or to create other configurations depending upon your needs. For more details about renting The House, please read the additional information below.

Rental Information


$200 for the first 2 hours
+$85 for each additional hour
Discounts at 4 and 8 hours

+$25 for food/reception
+$25 for drum set

2 hours
3 hours $285
4 hours $350 (save $20!)
5 hours $435
8 hours $650 (save $60!)

What's Included

  • Use of concert hall, coat room, and kitchenette
  • Green Room (varied availability per event)
  • One House Manager
  • Concert seating: 110 chairs
  • 8' tables (x2), 6' tables (x2), 4' table (x1)
  • Piano and PA system

Equipment Info

  • Piano: Steinway Hamburg Model C (A440 tuning)
  • 6 music stands
  • Drums (+$25): Yamaha Maple Custom, 18" kick with pedal, 10/12/14" toms, snare, hardware, throne. Cymbals not included
  • Mics: Shure SM58 (x2), Neumann KMS 105bk (x1)
  • Mic stands: straight (x2), boom (x1)
  • Speakers: Yamaha DXR 10 (x2), no sub
  • Mixer: Mackie 1202-VLZ3
  • Amps: Polytone Mini-brute (guitar), Trace Elliot Commando 15 1001 (bass), Roland KC-500 (keyboard)


  • Rental begins at the designated start time and ends at the designated end time. Going over the specified amount of time will result in additional hourly charge.
  • All trash must be thrown away and additional items (extra serving ware, items in refrigerator, plates/cups/napkins, etc.) must be out of the hall by the designated time. Rooms must be left as you found them upon arrival.
  • Kerrytown Concert House is located in a neighborhood. All loud activity must end by 10:00pm on Sunday-Thursday and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Loud activity in the front yard or the back parking lot is strictly prohibited.
  • No hard liquor or kegs.
  • Nothing on the piano except for sheet music.
  • Please do not touch the art or hang anything on the walls.

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