Facility rentals at Kerrytown Concert House have been temporarily suspended:

Due to the health and safety concerns of the national COVID-19 health crisis, Kerrytown Concert House will not be booking any rentals through the end of December, 2020, when the organization will reassess how it intends to move forward. If you are interested in booking the hall in 2021, please check back in with us in January, 2021, for an update on rental availability.

Though the stay-at-home orders are loosening around Michigan and the country, the CDC’s warnings and recommendations with respect to social-distancing and safety protocols for events indoors are still in place. Kerrytown Concert House’s first priority is the health and safety of its community, and we will make the hall available for rentals only when we are absolutely confident that we can do so safely.
Kerrytown Concert House is proud to provide an affordable event space for members of our community and for community organizations and businesses.  The House is a flexible and inviting venue for public and private events such as recitals, performances, receptions, weddings, business meetings, and parties. The Concert House has a beautiful model “C” Hamburg Steinway grand piano and seats 110 audience members. We also have the flexibility to replace chairs with tables and chairs, or to create other configurations depending upon your needs. For more details about renting The House, please read the additional information below.

Rental Information


$200 for the first 2 hours
+$85 for each additional hour
Discounts at 4 and 8 hours

+$25 for food/reception
+$25 for drum set

2 hours
3 hours $285
4 hours $350 (save $20!)
5 hours $435
8 hours $650 (save $60!)

What's Included

Equipment Info


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