Parisian Soirée

Saturday September 28 @ 8:00 PM

Are you longing for the romance of April in Paris? Ann Arbor may have a different allure than the City of Light, but September faithfully brings Paris to Ann Arbor with our annual Parisian Soirée! This year is no exception! Generously sponsored by Bank of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, September 28th, at 8:00 pm, The House will break out the bubbly, and will host a “belle” collection of performers to celebrate all things musically Paris. This cabaret variety show is designed to surprise, dazzle, and delight! It veers from classical to jazz, from serious to comic, instrumental to vocal, and croons in French and English. While the show is French in character, it is decidedly local in personnel, featuring a “fantastique” line-up of top-notch area artists. Come, have a glass of bubbly on us, and enjoy “une merveilleuse soirée de musique!”

Monica Swartout-Bebow, mezzo soprano
Kevin Bylsma, piano
Jane Schoonmaker-Rodgers, soprano
Deanna Relyea, mezzo soprano
Gabriel Bolkosky, violin
Steffani Kitayama-Bolkosky, violin
Alvin Waddles, piano/vocal
Tomoko Brzozowski, piano

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