Yang AND Olivia

The 5,000 Mile Journey

Sunday, September 11th @ 7:30 PM

Throughout history, people have traveled thousands of miles to trade between the west and the east: produce, spices, gold, leather… etc. Music traveled along with them.

In this program, you will hear works by a Taiwanese female composer who incorporates ethnic children’s folk songs in her music, an American composer who incorporates Cuban dance music, and ancient Chinese folk tunes arranged for western instruments during a dark time in China when anything western was banned. You will even hear the story of how Mozart traveled hundreds of miles to advance his career and how that effort came to a disappointing end. We are fortunate to live in an era where the music of all the cultures of the world is easily accessible and musicians are able to draw upon this diversity of cultures. This program showcases the richness of different music styles and the stories behind them.

Husband and wife duo Yang and Olivia are virtuosic talents who create an unforgettable storytelling event on violin and piano. Their programs feature combinations of Chinese music and Western classical. In recent years, not only have they traveled to more than 30 cities in the United States, but they have also been performing and teaching in China, Portugal, Brazil, and Taiwan. Through music, this dynamic duo shares their messages of joy, love, and faith.

Read more at yangandolivia.com.

KCH’s Classical Salon presentations are generously supported in part by Genre Underwriters, Maurice & Linda Binkow.

Yang and Olivia appear through the courtesy of Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates.


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