Western Jazz Collective

Friday October 4 @ 8:00 PM

• Greg Jasperse, vocals
• Scott Cowan, trumpet
• Andrew Rathbun, saxophone
• Matt Landon, guitar
• Matthew Fries, piano
• John Hébert, bass
• Keith Hall, drums

The Western Jazz Collective is a group of dedicated and inspiring Michigan educators, who are also world-class performers. With an astounding list of combined recording and touring credits as leaders and sidemen, the members have moved from New York, Los Angeles and Boston to assemble in Kalamazoo. The collective includes Greg Jasperse (vocals), Scott Cowan (trumpet), Andrew Rathbun (saxophones), Matthew Fries (piano), Keith Hall (drums), and new members Matt Landon (guitar) and John Hébert (bass). It is an exciting time for the group as they usher in a new era of Jazz at Western Michigan University with the arrival of the newest members and the formation of a new performing ensemble.

This performance will be the unveiling of this powerhouse collective and will consist of a diverse selection of new original music and arrangements from each member.

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