The Angels' Songs and the devil's trills:

A Violin Concert-exhibition

Saturday, November 5th - Exhibition: 6:15 PM / Concert: 7:30 PM

Sunday, November 6th - Exhibition: 12:30 PM / Concert: 2:00 PM

The violin, from its humble beginnings as the instrument of the village fool and the clowns, rose through the centuries to dominate the musical world as the most popular and stylistically most flexible musical instrument, and the human imagination was quick to add all sorts of mystical and mythical qualities to it, as well as to the players who played it. The violin is what cherubs hold in Baroque paintings, it is what the Devil plays in his frenzy in the etchings of the Romantics, and it is the only instrument that glorifies and mystifies not only itself and the player but also the maker! The only instrument truly elevated to the level of an art piece (by the manner in which it is admired and also priced) while still being a functional tool for a modern musician that directly connects us with the past. It is one of the few things in our life that hasn’t really changed in design in the past five hundred years and it doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon. Most of its components – wood, gut, natural oils, bee pollen, hyde glue, resin – are taken directly from nature, and it is even shaped like a human! How fascinating can it be to get a dozen violins and a dozen bows, spanning 3 centuries, to tell their story and play a piece on each! While there may be just one or two players, the “artist” is not the player anymore, it is, indeed, the instrument — the violin — as a phenomenon and a piece of art!

This program features an exhibition of antique and modern violins, violas, and bows followed by a performance in which each instrument will get its turn to shine. Busy violinist, Henrik Karapetyan, and seasoned instrument dealer, Ara Simonyan, combine forces with pianist Melissa Coppola and fellow violinist Caroline Chin to present an event where the violin itself becomes the “artist.”

Even more, antique Italian, French and 21st-century instruments, and antique and modern French bows will be available to view and play before each of the two featured concerts. The performances will also include short lectures on Violin and Bow making, as well as a separate introduction to all featured items.

KCH’s Classical Salon presentations are generously supported in part by Genre Underwriters, Maurice and Linda Binkow.

COVID-19 Policy for Indoor Concerts at Kerrytown Concert House

  • Masks are strongly encouraged and available as needed.
  • Please do not attend a performance if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19.
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