The Angels' Songs and the devil's trills:

A Concert-exhibition of fine violins & bows - antique & modern

part 1: Saturday, November 5th - Exhibition: 6:15 PM / Concert: 7:30 PM

PART 2: Sunday, November 6th - Exhibition: 12:30 PM / Concert: 2:00 PM

Through the centuries, the violin rose from its humble beginnings as the instrument of the village fool and clowns to dominate the musical world as the most popular and stylistically most flexible musical instrument. This program is a 2-day event featuring an exhibition of antique and modern violins, violas, and bows followed by performances (different programs each day) in which each instrument will get its turn to shine. Busy violinist, Dr. Henrik Karapetyan, and seasoned instrument dealer, Ara Simonyan, combine forces with fellow violinist Dr. Caroline Chin  and pianist Xavier Suarez to present an event where the violin itself becomes the “artist.”

This unprecedented two-day event features performances of violin masterpieces and miniatures played on multiple fine violins and bows from Italian and French antique to modern instruments from the inventory of the Karapetyan Violins as well as from the private collection and consignments of internationally recognized dealer Ara Simonyan of Sia Vivitas (Belgium-Latvia).

A wide variety of compositions will be performed – from Bach to Bartok and Bazewiez – with commentary on the instruments by Simonyan and Karapetyan. All instruments will be available for viewing and playing during the exhibition before the concerts.

KCH’s Classical Salon presentations are generously supported in part by Genre Underwriters, Maurice and Linda Binkow.

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