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Opening with Detroit artists Kaleigh Wilder and Everett Reid

Friday, November 20 at 7:30 PM EST

This performance is made possible with generous support from Mike Resil

This second installment of the Edgefest 24 Virtual Concert Series features the duo of trombonist Steve Swell and baritone saxophonist Dave Sewelson. Steve is an old friend and a veteran of the festival, having appeared in many groups, and we welcome Dave to the family for the first time.  Preceding them will be a set by Kaleigh Wilder and Everett Reid.

Kaleigh Wilder is an improviser and sound sculptor. Speaking through the baritone saxophone, her music is born of her embodied experiences of joy, spirituality, childhood trauma, and being biracial—not white or black, but both. This duality can too be seen in her training. She is a trained classical musician but one who also studied jazz, free improvisation, and even went so far as West Africa to study Ghanaian music and dance. It is hard to place her music into a cut and dried genre, so Kaleigh likes to play from what she knows in her body—what her hands, ears, and inner child remember. Using timbral extremes that shift between raw and polished, abrasive and sensitive, discomfort and catharsis, Kaleigh channels her lived experiences into sound to communicate viscerally. She hopes to amplify in the listener their own understanding of music and self.

Kaleigh has played with notable musicians Marion Hayden, Ingrid Jensen, Ellen Rowe, Allison Miller and performed throughout the United States, Central Europe, Costa Rica and Ghana. She holds a masters in improvisation from the University of Michigan and a bachelors in music performance from Ball State University.

Everett Reid (also known as Nova Zaii) is a drummer, electronic producer, and inventor originally from the south side of Chicago. After completing two degrees in Performing Arts Technology and Jazz Studies at the University of Michigan, he moved to the city of Detroit to connect deeper with the city’s historic electronic music scene and to engage its vibrant jazz legacy. From 2016 to the present, he’s been a core member of the electronic-jazz group, The JuJu Exchange, which released its debut album “Exchange” in 2017 that quickly rose to the number one Jazz Album streaming position on Apple Music. When not making music as Nova Zaii, or with his band The JuJu Exchange, he continuously explores new domains of music especially on local levels, with like-minded forward thinking artists in Detroit and Chicago.

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