with Terry Lower and Pete Siers

Sunday, November 22 @ 4:15 PM EST

Kerrytown Concert House proudly presents another installment of Paul Keller House Calls featuring the incredible jazz pianist, Terry Lower, and his band mates, string bassist, Paul Keller, and drummer, Pete Siers.

Terry Lower is well known and beloved as a KCH jazz favorite. His style reflects that of Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal and Phineas Newborn Jr. Straight-ahead, swinging, smart, energetic, piano trio jazz with lots of familiar tunes and good feelings.  Terry’s impressive pianistic technique will amaze and delight you. Terry’s laid-back demeanor belies his remarkable command of the keyboard. He is so in-sync with the piano that it seems an extension of his being.  Noteworthy is the dynamic range of his presentation from the subtle delicacies of his touch, to his mind-bendingly fast bebop lines, to his powerful, two fisted rhythmic patterns.

Along with his long-time compatriots Paul Keller and Pete Siers, who just make everything better, the trio will bring their A Game, undoubtedly resulting in another satisfying and fulfilling musical experience for all jazz lovers.