Speed Dating Tonight!

A Comic Opera by Michael Ching

Friday May 1 @ 8:00 PM

Saturday May 2 @ 8:00 PM

The story opens with the Bartender and waitress setting up for the evening’s event. The waitress, Stephanie, who normally works the day shift, has never met the bartender, who only works at night. They are soon joined by the speed dating Coordinator, Kaylee. As the daters begin to arrive, Kaylee provides the rules for the evening and we’re introduced to each new character as they begin to move from table to table.
Each character is introduced either at a table where they are meeting a potential partner or in moments of solo reflections, where they talk about their life story. A combat photographer, a triathlon athlete, a cat lover, a car enthusiast, a bassoonist and many other interesting characters are all looking to meet that special “someone.” The finale begins with the Bartender and the Waitress addressing the “dilemma of daters” before two of our most unique daters meet and sing a well-known duet with a twist.
Robert Peavler, director
Emily Benner, soprano
Josh Danielson, tenor
Austin Hadwick, baritone
Rebecca Myers, mezzo-soprano
Robert Peavler, baritone
Carol Perry, soprano
Simon Suboski, baritone
Sydney Timmer, mezzo-soprano
Clarice Weiseman, soprano
Amanda Williams-Contreras, mezzo-soprano
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