Miriam Brysk: Silence and Joy

Art Reception

Thursday March 12, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Miriam Brysk is a Holocaust survivor, artist, and former professor of dermatology, biochemistry, and microbiology at the University of Texas. Barely surviving the 1942 Lida Massacre in which 80% of Jews were shot, she was “turned into a boy” by her father to protect her from rape, and given her own pistol at the age of 8. Liberation came in 1944, and in 1947 Miriam moved to the United States. She eventually went on to graduate from Columbia University with a PhD in microbiology. After retiring, Miriam visited the lands of the Holocaust where, while in a death camp, she had made a pact with God to remember the Holocaust through art, music, poetry, and stories. After doing three major art exhibits on the Holocaust, she now does art that celebrates life and all its wonders, full of joy and pride in her family and in being alive.

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