featuring special guest vocalist Mônica Salmaso

Saturday, April 3RD@ 7:30 PM EST

Presented in partnership with:

A little over one year ago, Brazilian pianist and composer André Mehmari wrote new works for his trio to premiere in a U.S. tour that included a performance at Kerrytown Concert House. That concert was among the pandemic’s first casualties but the new works remain as does the Mehmari’s desire to be with the House audience again. To bridge the time until then, Mehmari performs remotely from his state-of-the-art studio in São Paulo, Estudio Monteverdi. Joining him as special guest will be singer Mônica Salmaso.

The performance will feature the marriage of Mehmari’s skill as an improviser with his command of the musical literatures of three continents: European classical music, the Great American Songbook of the USA, and the literature of Brazil which emerged in parallel to its sibling to the north. Only a handful of musicians in the world have so vast a knowledge of repertoire, and even fewer have the ability to move between realms, discover relationships, and improvise seamless musical statements in real time. Mehmari’s ability to do so stems, in part, from his talent as a composer. His understanding of the intentions of other composers makes clear relationships among their works that others might overlook. In short, Mehmari has a global musical conversation going on inside his head all the time and the pianistic ability to express it.

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