Edgefest 2020: Partial to the Edge

OCTOBER 14 - 17

The focus of this year’s festival will be on brass instruments. The sheer power of the cornet or trumpet dominated many early jazz bands and made heroes of players such as Buddy Bolden, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong; but, in modern times, players of brass instruments, not just of trumpets, but also of the trombone, tuba, euphonium and French horn have made their mark on the music and provided a broader sound palate for ensembles. Brass players are creating new paths of sound and direction within their ensembles, developing extended technics and compositional methods that move the music forward.

Among the featured ensembles that include brass is Anthony Braxton’s ZIM Sextet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn7AwLLRPqs; celebrating Braxton’s 75th birthday!

Stay tuned, more info coming soon!

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Current Lineup

• Ray Anderson
• Jen Baker
• Andrew Bishop
• Bobby Bradford
• Jaimie Branch
• Anthony Braxton
• Joe Daley
• Dave Douglas
• Andrew Drury
• Jennifer Ellis
• Ken Filiano
• Jason Hwang
• Frank Lacy
• Ingrid Laubrock
• Dan Peck
• William Roper
• Steve Swell
• And More!