The Art On Our Walls

Kerrytown Concert House honors artistry in all forms, and we are proud to enhance our patron’s concert experiences by providing a gallery setting for visual artists!  Our monthly rotating art exhibit features the work of talented local artists, and each new exhibition hosts an artist reception in which patrons have an opportunity to see the artist’s work up close, and to meet the artist personally. The art on our walls is available for viewing anytime the building is open, and is also available for purchase during office hours.  Please send any art-related inquiries to, or call our office directly at (734) 769-2999.

Current Featured Artist:

Wendy Bauer


Samples From the Gallery

Inspired by my love of actively being outdoors, Wintertides is my latest series of Michigan landscape paintings.  I manipulate the paint that I wash onto each canvas, layer after layer, by scrubbing, brushing, dissolving and rebuilding it to create a satisfying depth of calmness. I compliment each piece with my handmade wooden frames, each measured, sanded, and fit to blend into each specific landscape. These paintings allow me to physically process and capture the fleeting, seasonal moments that I adore about Michigan, and it’s beauty that will only ever be present when I take the time to experience it.

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