The Art On Our Walls

Kerrytown Concert House honors artistry in all forms, and we are proud to enhance our patron’s concert experiences by providing a gallery setting for visual artists!  Our monthly rotating art exhibit features the work of talented local artists, and each new exhibition hosts an artist reception in which patrons have an opportunity to see the artist’s work up close, and to meet the artist personally. The art on our walls is available for viewing anytime the building is open, and is also available for purchase during office hours.  Please send any art-related inquiries to, or call our office directly at (734) 769-2999.

Current Featured Artist:

Hannan House, Detroit

"Emerge / Re-Emerge"

THE CREATIVE SPIRITS was formed at Detroit’s Luella Hannan Center for Creative Aging. The group was formed while exploring and perfecting their creative skills in Hannan’s weekly art classes. Their art is frequently exhibited at the Ellen Kayrod Gallery in The Hannan Center in Detroit. The artists realized that their art was more than a hobby and that their creations were valuable and deserved to be exhibited in galleries and other public exhibit spaces. The desire for additional recognition motivated the group to become more serious about their works. This new perspective sparked development of the art collective known as “The Creative Spirits.”

Exhibition Showing

August 1 - August 30

Art Reception

August 11, 2:00 - 4:30 PM

Artist Talk


Additional Samples From the Gallery

Upcoming Artists


Exhibition: September 4 – October 13
Reception: September 26, 4:30 – 7:00 PM

I am interested in the interface between contemplative and creative practices. The process of inquiry about perception and imagination guides my exploration with a variety of materials. A willingness to take risks, to not know what will emerge, and to welcome failure unequivocally invites freedom to experiment and play. Direct experience while making is its own fulfillment. My aspiration is to invite others to look and discover their personal response.

Expressing abstract impressions of the natural world is my current focus. Images of the vast sky, sandy beaches and rocky coastlines are rooted in my childhood. Aerial views of mountains, deserts and farmland on flights spark my imagination. I am drawn to the geometry, color and textures of the landscape. Beneath any surface is a dense, layered history that simultaneously conceals and reveals its narratives. I capture a moment in time, exploring how life constantly shifts inside and all around me.


Exhibition: October 15 – December 2
Reception: November 7, 4:30 – 7:00 PM

More info to come!
Exhibition: December 4 – January 13
Reception: TBA

Aaron Dworkin, digital photography
Angie George, photography
Linda Hempencamp, ceramics