From world-class artists to the artists next door, Kerrytown Concert House celebrates the breadth of talent found in our community members and local artistic organizations. We are proud to serve as a place where you, the community, can host your own performances and events, and are happy to share them with our patrons in this listing.

Upcoming Community Events

Fiorire Soloists

< Blossoms in the Romantic Period >

Monday November 18 @ 8:00 PM

Comprised of virtuosic performers who have built a distinguished career with their solo and chamber performances, the Fiorire Soloists was created with the idea of offering more performance opportunities for young professional musicians.

The word Fiorire, meaning ‘to blossom,’ ‘to flower’ in Italian, metaphorically represents the performers and the musical works that beautifully blossom in a concert performance.

The concert, < Blossoms in the Romantic Period > will be all about Romantic Period, music, including the pieces by Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and more.

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