Frontier Barbershop Quartet

Friday December 13 @ 8:00 PM

Tenor – Chris Cordle
Lead – Aaron Pollard
Baritone – Brandon Smith
Bass – Cody Harrell

Bringing together various genres over a generation of musical genius, Frontier Quartet has brought together audiences around the globe with their take on jazz, pop and showtunes–all in the stylings of a barbershop quartet. 

Featuring a mix of classically trained singers and hobbyists, the quartet offers a unique, fresh take from the striped vests, boater hats and arm garters of turn-of-the-century quartets. Made up of two sets of best friends from high school days, the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2018 International Varsity Youth Quartet champions have captivated audiences for over four years with their impeccable tuning, tight harmonies and high entertainment value. The quartet has performed worldwide, entertaining audiences from streetcorners to symphony halls, and in venues from Indonesia to Iowa. Beside their show appearances, the quartet has placed in the top 20 quartets internationally for the last two years with songs that range from NYNSC to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Their debut recording, “Frontier 4: The Next Generation,” was released independently in July 2019.

Both online and in person, Frontier Quartet is inspiring future generations as teachers in music education camps around the country. Through their humor and vulnerability, the quartet coaches singers of all ages in barbershop, a cappella and other styles.