Our genres

Kerrytown Concert House aspires to present music, performing arts, and visual art drawn from a wide variety of sources, cultures, traditions and styles for audiences to experience and enjoy.

Art Exhibit

Events featuring area visual artists, including gallery receptions, lectures, and workshops.
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Celebrating the voice through music from the sublime to the humorous.
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Concerts ranging from solo instrumental and vocal recitals, to chamber music and small chamber orchestra performances.
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Past and upcoming Edgefest events
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For Kids

Concerts geared towards all ages from newborns to teens and adults.
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Our traditional jazz concerts ranging from trios to octets.
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Jazz @ the Edge

Creative improvisational music where elements of jazz, classical, rock and even folk music overlap to create their own genre.
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New Music

New Music features the works of contemporary composers, both established and emerging.
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Classical, Jazz, and Beyond

Events that include music from multiple genres: classical, jazz, cabaret, and more.
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Out of the Box

Events that transcend our other categories!
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Concerts with musicians who write, compose and sing their own material including lyrics and melodies with various instrumental accompaniments.
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Spoken Word/Theater

Events engaging a variety of artistic genres that include narrative such as poetry slams and theatrical performances (staged and semi-staged productions, play readings, etc.).
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Concerts featuring music from a myriad of cultures and geographical locations.
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Planning Your Visit

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