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Rita Malone

Gallery reception: 5-7 PM | Exhibit showing May 3-30

This is a free event.

  • Rita Malone, painter/mixed media artist

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“Art Celebrates Spirit”

What is it that moves us and captures our spirit? Is it a magnificent sunset too breathtaking to describe or reproduce? Is it the dramatic performance depicting the intertwining of lives, or the transforming power of a symphony, or the unbridled joy of a child’s smile. The possibilities are infinite in the way our spirits are touched.

Our senses respond to the beauty and tragedy around us. Art invokes an interior response that is often beyond the ordinary senses. The visual depiction of the world or any one particular element within its immeasurable aspects is how art celebrates spirit.

It may be subtle. It may be entirely obvious. It may be completely obscure. We are moved in some direction, even if it is rather unexplainable. This is especially true with abstract art. The very nature of abstraction often, if not always is a spiritual response.

Thought constructs, analysis and linear design clearly play an important role in our lives and in art, particularly in architecture, writing and representational painting. Abstract art plays an equally important role, albeit abounding in form more than function.

My art work is an invitation from spirit.


Rita Malone was born in Queens, New York. She received an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Communication Arts, with a concentration in Photography and Publication Design. She earned a Masters in Organizational Media from Ithaca College and pursued private study in painting with Jeanne Carbonetti, in Chester Vermont.

Rita now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she works from her home studio. She has been showing in Ann Arbor since she moved here in 2008. She has exhibited in Vermont, New York, Cape Cod and New Hampshire. Her work appears in private collections across the country including New York, California, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Her work appeared in the 2014 Grand Rapids Art Prize Exhibition and will be published in a book entitled “Spirituality in Art”. Rita’s work appears in two books: “The Zen of Creative Painting´ and “Making Pearls-Living the Creative Life” by Jean Carbonetti. Since 2013, her work has been represented internationally in a gallery in Prague.

Rita's work consists of gestural acrylic abstract paintings and mixed media collage. The work has often been called "spiritual", as it comes from a place that is not in concert with imitating tangible people, places or things.

A quote from her teacher, Jeanne Carbonetti sums it up beautifully:

"I saw her great affinity for the kinesthetic feel of materials, a kind of direct emotional equivalent in form. Working from the pure place of feeling, Rita digests her world in a palpable way, providing the rest of us a form which communicates her authentic response to life."

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