Michael Nagara and Nancy Wolfe

Nagara - Structure 1"We Still Live"

Michael Nagara and Nancy Wolfe

Nagara - Structure 2 "City Not Ruin"

Michael Nagara and Nancy Wolfe

Wolfe - "Footstep" 1

Michael Nagara and Nancy Wolfe

Wolfe - "Footstep" 2




Art Exhibit

Michael Nagara and Nancy Wolfe

Gallery Reception

This is a free event.

  • Michael Nagara, artist
  • Nancy Wolfe, artist

Event Details

Exhibit Title: Minor Key 

Thursday, October 3 - Monday, November 4

Artists' Statements:

Michael Nagara:

My current work expresses dynamic interactions of scale in time and space, on the flat plane of immobile, two-dimensional artwork. Through these interactions I iterate the tension of multiple scales of problematic interrelation between extended timescales (planetary or ecosystem), and the immediate timescale of bodies amidst the 24-hour-a-day industrial production and administration system of minute-to-minute effort under technological surveillance.

I make explicitly problematic juxtapositions between visual representation and abstraction as a means to express the tension in the interrelation between those timescales. The tension created between shifting perceptual modes thus acts as a visual expression of the human and environmental conflict created by the interaction between the extended and human timescales mentioned in the last paragraph.

For instance, the Information Density and Access series and the Structure series contain multiple embedded layers of interacting visual marks (including text), with an atmospheric reading of gridded, geometric form contrasted with a nearly representational abstracted color field. These aesthetic readings are used to both camouflage meaning, and yet make a statement about the multiple-layered complexity of information in our society and culture or about the continuing life and resilience of those who live in supposed industrial ruin cities.

Nancy Wolfe:

My paintings are visual poems. They are a reflection of the twist and turns of my poetic voice, thoughts and ideas written in the touch and ambiguity of paint. .Many years ago, I read that that out of three basic shapes: square, triangle and circle, come all natural form. From the moment I picked up a paint brush, I understood this. I needed no basis in external theories to find a path. My work comes from what is most fundamental: it is a forming and disintegration of deceptive simplicity. 

Instead of words, there are
shapes with color in a relationship
with or without conflict
in search of transparency
in search of connection
an introspective view  

Current exhibits are available for viewing Monday – Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm, during public concerts and by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, call 734-769-2999.

Michael Nagara

Michael Nagara has exhibited work in Japan, the Philippines, Finland, and the United States, since the mid-1990's. He has work in various private collections, as well as the collection of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.  

Nancy Wolfe

Nancy Wolfe is a studio artist and educator, and has been exhibiting her paintings since 1994. Since the summer of 2000 she teaches a one-week intensive course called ‘The Visual Journal’ - Art as Idea, which she developed and teaches for Eastern Michigan University. It takes place each August at Northwestern Michigan University in Traverse City, Michigan. She also teaches ‘The Visual Journal’ for Wayne State University’s Art Therapy Department, Detroit, Michigan and teaches drawing at Washtenaw Community College.