Michigan: On The Wing




Art Exhibit

Michigan: On The Wing

Dates of Exhibit: 12/5/2018-1/6/2019

This is a free event.

Event Details

Dates of Exhibit: 12/5/2018-1/6/2019

Artist Name: Astrid Monique Fortier Muller-Karger

Gallery Description: In the Arts, birds are often decorative - portrayed as mystical, mythological, and anthropomorphised - and considered only in relation to people. Astrid Monique Padilla’s drawings and paintings begin her investigation into the wonder of local birds as autonomous beings, neighbors and travelers, worthy of respect and consideration in their own right. In honor of 2018 as "The Year of the Bird", this work was created to inspire curiosity and caring in our community about the ever present native and migratory birds that we hear singing and catch glimpses of in our daily lives.

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