James Falzone’s Renga





James Falzone’s Renga

Kerrytown Club Series - with an opening set by Piotr Michalowski (bass clarinet & sopranino saxophone) and Anthony Poretti (drums)

  • $25 Assigned Rows 1-2
  • $15 Assigned Rows 3-5
  • $10 General Admission
  • $5 Student
  • James Falzone, B-flat and E-flat clarinets
  • Ken Vandermark, B-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
  • Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, contra B-flat clarinet
  • Jason Stein, bass clarinet
  • Dave Rempis, alto & baritone saxophones
  • Ned Rothenberg, B-flat clarinet, alto saxophone

Event Details

The Renga Ensemble was convened by clarinetist and composer, James Falzone for a series of concerts and a recording in April, 2013 in Chicago, IL.  Falzone, who plays B-flat and E-flat clarinet with Renga,  handpicked his collaborating musicians, drawing together some of the most distinctively diverse perspectives and musically adventurous players working in jazz and improvised music today including Ken Vandermark (Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, contra Bb bass clarinet) Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Dave Rempis (alto & baritone saxophones), and Ned Rothenberg (Bb clarinet and alto saxophone).

The concept for the Renga Ensemble project is rooted in persona: diverse musical voices converging and finding common ground, especially in a setting where composed and improvised elements coalesce. The intention is to create an environment allowing for space for each strong voice to be heard while still being challenged and shaped by other, equally strong, voices. 

The evening will begin with an opening set by Piotr Michalowski (bass clarinet & sopranino) and Anthony Poretti (drums), and will include an announcement by Deanna Relyea, Artistic Director of KCH, about some of the exciting things to come this fall at the 19TH ANNUAL EDGEFEST! 

This concert is made possible in part by The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and an award from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs. As a part of the Kerrytown Club Series, a cash bar will be available courtesy of the Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association.

Check out an interview with James Falzone about his unique Renga Ensemble here!