Rob Crozier Jazz Ensemble





Rob Crozier Jazz Ensemble

  • $30 Assigned Rows 1-2
  • $20 Assigned Rows 3-5
  • $15 General Admission
  • $5 Student
  • Rob Crozier, bass, didgeridoo, thumb piano
  • Paul Vornhagen, saxophone
  • Brian Brill, piano
  • Rodney Rich, guitar
  • David Alvarez, drums

Rob Crozier

Rob Crozier is a professional musician, educator, composer/arranger and entrepreneur living in the Southeastern Michigan area. Mr. Crozier holds a BFA for Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation in Double Bass from University of Michigan.

On his latest release, "Tall Trees," Crozier stretches his music to explore the world of sound adding color, adventure, and newness through re-imagining standards, the use of electronics, and ethnic instruments. His work with the Celtic fusion band Nessa can be heard on both of their CDs and the latest single "The Grey Selkie." Rob's business, Eventjazz, provides live music to weddings and parties throughout Southeastern Michigan.