Gallery Reception: “Textures”, Linda Colman, ceramics and Joan Rosenblum, pastel | 4-6 PM

Joan Rosenblum

Gallery Reception: “Textures”, Linda Colman, ceramics and Joan Rosenblum, pastel | 4-6 PM

Linda Colman




Art Exhibit

Gallery Reception: “Textures”, Linda Colman, ceramics and Joan Rosenblum, pastel | 4-6 PM

Exhibit showing September 8-October 8

This is a free event.

  • Linda Colman
  • Joan Rosenblum

Event Details

Gallery Reception: Saturday, September 16th, 4 PM - 6 PM

Exhibit showing September 8th - October 8th

This exhibit will be available for viewing Monday – Friday, 10:30 am to 4 pm; during public concerts, and by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, call 734-769-2999.

Linda Colman

“I think of this work as the end result of taking a class titled something like ‘Reintroduction to Ceramics 101.’ I had not worked in clay for over 30 years when I decided to get my hands in the material again. I had not stopped being an artist during that extended period of time, but I worked in two dimensions rather than three, producing drawings and paintings. Returning to clay was quite a bit like returning to the classroom.

While living in Massachusetts in 2015, I joined a local ceramics studio and instantly reconnected on a visceral level with the unique properties of clay. In some ways, the experience was like riding a bike while, in other ways, I found myself quite challenged. I was at ease with the material, but decided I could not simply return to my earlier style of work. I needed to find a new visual vocabulary.

I decided a year ago to limit my forms to a large platter shape. I presume that I approach these clay discs in muh the same way the writer faces an empty page, the painter confronts the blank canvas. I oftentimes begin working on a piece having a pretty good idea of what I’m going to wind up with in the end, but sometimes, I make the first mark in wet clay, then another mark and another until the composition begins to reveal itself to me. This turns out to be the most successful work.

The last few pieces I’ve made feel as though one is peering through a pond or a puddle of water, where small creatures and detritus are seen floating midway down or are trapped in the compressing sediment at the bottom. I suppose there is some connection with the tidal pools I enjoyed photographing when I lived by the ocean. I think of tiny, no longer living things, that are undergoing the slow process of breaking down, becoming fossilized, and I am intrigued with the notion of capturing small pictures of a larger natural world within these forms.

I think the possibilities are endless.”

Joan Rosenblum

“The energy and diversity of color is the underlying force that inspires my work. The catalyst for my creativity is music, with its textural richness, rhythms and emotional impact. The transference of that impact through the richness of color applied by oils to canvas and pastels to paper, is the outcome I hope to achieve. Music becomes color reflecting the subtlety of the converging hues harmonizing my work. As so aptly described by Shel Silverstein, ‘All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.’

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