Adam Shead’s Tradition Talks





Adam Shead’s Tradition Talks



  • Adam Shead, drums
  • Matt Piet, piano
  • Tony Piazza, bass

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Times and dates of performances are subject to change.

Adam Shead's 'Tradition Talks' consists of pianist Matt Piet, bassist Tony Piazza, and percussionist Adam Shead. Formed in the winter of 2017, the group strives to create an aural dialogue regarding the tradition of improvised music. Through the analysis of the hierarchies and narratives of the piano trio and improvised music at large, the group provides a dynamic insight into the minds of three of Chicago's most promising young improvisers. 

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Adam Shead

Adam Shead, who holds music degrees from Columbia College Chicago and the University of Michigan has performed at the Chicago Jazz Festival, Edgefest, and The Present is Present Festival in Amsterdam and worked alongside such musicians as Mary Oliver, Andrew Drury, John Dikeman, Jasper Stadhouders, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Josh Berman, Dave Rempis, and John Hollenbeck. He is the founder of such groups as Dikeman/Stadhouders/Piazza/Shead, The Adiaphora Orchestra, Dod Kalm, CIME, Adam Shead Octet, and the Adam Shead String Quartet. He currently works as performance curator at Slate Arts and Performance in Chicago.

Matt Piet

Pianist and composer Matt Piet was born and raised in suburban Chicago, where early in he began lessons as a classical pianist. While at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he set aside his classical studies to focus on jazz, improvisation, and composition, returning to Chicago in 2014. In addition to playing many ad hoc improvised performances as a leader and a sideman, he works with three trios: Four Letter Words, Matt Piet Trio, and the trio Rempis/Piet/Daisy.

Tony Piazza

Bassist Tony Piazza holds a BA in Jazz Studies from Columbia College Chicago and is longtime collaborator with Shead, performing alongside him at the Chicago Jazz Festival as well as in such groups as Dod Kalm, the Columbia Improvised Music Ensemble, the Adam Shead String Quartet, and Dikeman/Stadhouders/Piazza/Shead. He has also performed with Josh Berman, John Dikeman, Jasper Stadhouders, Dave Rempis, Dave Douglas, and many others

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