Here Be Sirens

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"Here Be Sirens," an opera by Kate Soper, focuses on the creatures of Greek mythology in their everyday lives, going through the routine of causing shipwrecks and drowning sailors. As they consider their different attitudes toward their daily work, they delve deeper into the myths of their origins in equally hilarious and thought-provoking action.

Here Be Sirens presents the daily life of three sirens, who kill time on their island as they await an endless procession of doomed sailors. Peitho revels in the luxurious sensuality of their rite; Phaino stonily enacts the ritual with no inner feeling; and Polyxo longs for escape into the world of the real, delving into centuries of scholarship and research on her species in an attempt to untwist their circumstances. As the opera goes on, the sirens re-enact the abduction of Persephone, encounter (and battle) their favored sisters the Muses, and leave no rock unturned to plumb the depths of their own origins in this work of ‘audacious, genre-bending music theatre’ (Wall Street Journal).” -