Brass Tacks Ensemble presents The Importance of Being Earnest Brass Tacks Ensemble presents The Importance of Being Earnest





Brass Tacks Ensemble presents The Importance of Being Earnest

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  • $15 General Admission
  • $5 Student
  • James Ingagiola, director
  • Oscar Wilde, playwright
  • Amanda Barnett
  • Ethan Gibney
  • Elizaveta McFall
  • Amanda Photenhauer
  • Jan Romans
  • Annaliese Romans
  • Elizabeth Wagner
  • Catherine Zudak

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Artistic Director James Ingagiola and Executive Director Isaac Ellis are pleased to announce The Brass Tacks Ensemble will be presenting The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde from August 4 through 6, 2015 at the Kerrytown Concert House (415 N. 4th Ave in Ann Arbor).

Unbeknownst to his friends and acquaintances, John Worthing leads a double life: He is Jack, a respectable landowner, in the country and Ernest in the city. But when the love of his life, the elegant Gwendolyn Fairfax, insists that her dream is to marry a man named Ernest, John must abandon his dual identity–which may prove harder than it seems…especially when his friend Algernon visits John’s country estate pretending to be Ernest! This “Trivial Comedy for Serious People” is truly one of the wittiest, funniest plays in the English language. 

Since 1999, with their inaugural production of King Lear, The Brass Tacks Ensemble has been dedicated to producing shows that strip away the excess and focus on the essentials of theater: Actor. Text. Audience. The Brass Tacks Ensemble is devoted to connecting to the audience through the essential elements of theater to spark the imagination; presenting established and original works with a focus on clarity, universality, and entertainment; and providing actors, directors, designers, and writers opportunity to develop as artists.