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  • $25 Assigned Rows 1-2
  • $15 Assigned Rows 3-5
  • $10 General Admission
  • $5 Student
  • Alex Anest, guitar
  • John Sperendi, bass
  • Dave McWilliam, drums
  • Neil Donato, piano

Event Details

Guitarist Alex Anest, Bassist John Sperendi, and Drummer Dave McWilliam have collaborated in bands ranging in style from jazz and rock to roots and country, but in January 2010 the three unveiled their newest project; an instrumental electric trio known as Giraffe. With the addition of Neil Donato on keyboards, the group has become a real powerhouse, combining elements of psychedelic rock with hard bop and modal jazz to create a truly unique sound.

“Giraffe is a musical conversation,” says John Sperendi. “Each tune is a vehicle for the four of us to interact with each other, and every time we play it is a new experience. We have to stay completely engaged in order to make this music work.”

The main goal of Giraffe is to create new, original music with enough energy, guts, and emotional and intellectual content to keep everyone - musicians as well as audience - engaged at a profound level. The live shows are an exercise in the transcendent possibilities of musical experience. They are also really fun."