Event Details

  • Dave Sharp, double bass
  • Janelle Reichman, clarinet
  • Henrik Karapetyan, violin 
  • Elden Kelly, guitar
  • Rob Avsharian, drums

Klezmephonic returns to Kerrytown Concert House for a night of rollicking freylakhs, sweet cradle songs, and hot American vaudeville tunes. Their sound stems from the Eastern European Jewish folk music of the 19th and 20th centuries, sprinkled with swing and Roma Gypsy stylings, sounds of upbeat and virtuosic Freilakhs, Bulgars and the beautiful flowing melodies of Yiddish Song.

The group is formed with a rich diversity of ethnic and musical backgrounds. Karapetyan comes from Armenia with significant classical training. Sharp is one of the most in demand bass players in the area, with a background in jazz and world music. Lavine grew up in a Jewish-American family which helped build a serious repertoire.

Klezmephonic is known as Ann Arbor’s premier Klezmer band by the Ann Arbor Observer. Since then, the band has performed in numerous venues, from concert halls to temples, universities, festivals and Bar Mitzvahs, both locally and nationally. A full-scale CD recorded in 2015, called Ot Azoy, features some of the best pieces in the Klezmer repertoire.

Jennie Lavine, a talented and very versatile clarinetist, living in Ann Arbor, had the idea of forming a Klezmer band in her home town. She brought together Will Cicola on accordion, David Sharp on bass, Henrik Karapetyan on violin, and Alex Belhaj on guitar.

The band had some recent changes after Jennie and Alex relocated to New Orleans. Janelle Reichman, a local clarinetist, replaced Jennie and the core trio of Henrik, Janelle and Dave is often accompanied by friends who have played with them on many occasions and in various bands. Drummers Mike List, Rob Avsharian and Caroline Koebel, along with guitarists Alex Anest and Elden Kelly, are frequently seen with Klezmephonic.

Planning Your Visit

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