The Art On Our Walls

Kerrytown Concert House honors artistry in all forms, and we are proud to enhance our patron’s concert experiences by providing a gallery setting for visual artists!  Our monthly rotating art exhibit features the work of talented local artists, and each new exhibition hosts an artist reception in which patrons have an opportunity to see the artist’s work up close, and to meet the artist personally. The art on our walls is available for viewing anytime the building is open, and is also available for purchase during office hours.  Please send any art-related inquiries to, or call our office directly at (734) 769-2999.

Current Featured Artists:

Cathyrn Amidei

Madhurima Ganguly

Nancy Wolfe

Sight < Side by Side>

 “We seem to want to slip ourselves into the matrix of things we encounter.
We are constantly translating, collecting or encasing the people,
places and things that come in our way.
We see pieces of ourselves in each other.
We are like one but, we are many.
We deconstruct each other as a means to create distance,
as a means of perceiving our edges and preserving our centrality.
We build borders and boundaries and allow trenches to form
that that place us on separate trajectories.
We focus on this work as though it is our own unique experience but,
We feel the connections.”
~Cathryn Amidei

Exhibition Showing

October 15 - December 2

Art Reception

October 15, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Artist Talk


Additional Samples From the Gallery